Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tonight We Are Young

Dear friends and families!!! 

Glen Landing would like to thank you all for voting for our song BubbleGum in Song Of The Year nomination by radio 93.7 FM WSTW Delaware .

Thanks to your guys voting and support we now made the finals and we are in top 5 for Best Pop Song! On March 8th at World Cafe Live in Wilmington, DE there will be a special live event, an Award Ceremony, where the official judges - industry pros - will vote in the second round. There they will announce which one of 5 songs made it to the top. 

We can't wait to bring it on to Homey Awards Ceremony!!! 

Talking about awards, we are very inspired by the outcome of Grammy Awards!!!  Congratulations to FUN. for winning the Best New Artist and  - Song Of The Year with their smashing hit "We Are Young". I remember hearing this song and being completely blown away by it. Wow. The song was a huge inspiration for us! We even blogged about it at one of our warm summer posts! Here is a little video clip!

And FUN, thank you for giving hope to all of us, all bands and musicians out there, for showing that it can be done. 

Now the story of the song is very interesting. This is what we found about it on Wikipedia.

The song's roots can be traced back to February 2011, when Fun frontman Nate Ruess met with high-profile hip-hop producer Jeff Bhasker in New York City. Ruess was anxious about meeting Bhasker, so he arrived early at the bar in the Bowery Hotel on the Lower East Side "and had a little to drink just to make sure I was loosened up."[3] Bhasker had just finished a long day in the studio with Beyoncé, and had decided to give Ruess 10 minutes. He had previously already canceled two meetings with him. The two began talking about music, and Ruess' desire to merge hip-hop beats and electronic effects with pop rock intrigued Bhasker, who invited Ruess up to his hotel room to show him some Beyoncé tracks he had been working on. "Slightly tipsy and feeling inspired," Ruess belted out the chorus for "We Are Young", which at that time was an unfinished composition.[3] Bhasker was taken aback and automatically "freaked out," demanding he see the band for studio time "in the next few days." The next day, Bhasker and Ruess booked a New York studio and cut a version of "We Are Young" not far from the final version of the track. 

You can read more about it here:

AND - tonight we are young....

All the best to you!

Glen Landing

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We Are Playing At Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia!

Wow, its been so long!!
Hi Blog! Hi news!

We are going to play a show at legendary Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia. How exciting! And it is an all ages show!

Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!
Proudly can see our name on their website:

For more information and tickets please go to

Ok, now time to snack on some delish Russian bread and kolbaska and may be even some Rossijskij cheese... oh may b i am just dreaming..
niam -niam

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My CMJ 2012: Part 3 (message for bands : )))))

HI muffins!!!

I am so happy and excited to introduce to you a Part 3 of this little series....

Well, taking my little note pad to refresh the core aspects auuu!!  : 0

I write this for our fellow musicians, and may by for other people it might get a little tech :/ I apologize for that :)
All right, musicians out there! here we go!

Well, it is important to have a plan. According to some big dogs of the industry, and to be exact,  Adam Herzog , VP of A&R, Warner Bros. Records (auu) , it works the same way, if you are an independent artist or you are on major label. It is important to have a strategy, a plan that coordinates all efforts and simply makes sense. He gave us an example. Say your goal is to release 5 song EP for free. Then it is needed to coordinate the release of  single(s) and videos, create awareness in social media, press, radio campaign (although radio was named one of the main barriers to entry), and then tour to support the EP, follow up, and then tour again... They also suggested to start with regional campaign, and then branch out and reach out to close by markets. Know your target market and then carve your strategy accordingly.

May be many of you already know this, as i kinda thought that's how it works, but how much easier to be said than to be done! Again, Adam was talking about this one band that he took notice of, because they were executing their strategy, and as he saw them understanding the process, understanding how things work, he thinks that when they will be working with his label, they will already know how everything works. Hm, deep.

Well, nowadays not necessarily all artists want to be on a major label. Although this is a beast that provides you with unmatched marketing expertise and PR, and they are basically in charge of the radio.  Though we had a little poll in the room, and only 25% of all people there raised their hands when were asked if they want to be signed to label.

The way to introduce your band is a one-sheet. And it is one or even half piece of paper that reflects "you story", meaning it's like a diary where u write your achievements (and needs to be updated and ready just in case) For example, this blog "blogged" about us, "we got on a radio show", "we played this festival". If it is an email, it has to be 2 sentences, them bullet points (again reflecting ur achievements), and a link. (well, this is what Simi Dube of Octone Records, said she really liked when she received it from one of the band's managers). They like it to the point. As they all agreed, they never read bio.

Numbers: there was a lot of talking about that. Well, numbers are not that powerful... The only thing that matters is: "Numbers are a side effect of everything being done right".

What are those A&Rs looking for? when is it time to approach them? one of the panelist gave us his view: * band is doing something that has never been done before *you can't get a ticket to their local show * a producer/ other music professionals are contacting the band (not vice verse)

But what is a REAL secret???!!!! what is that key to open a magical door?!!!
It is MUSIC. It is that song that you've heard one time and can't get enough of. It is when you are emotionally touched by the first verse and want more. This is the most important highlight through the whole conference: them (music business professionals) as us, just listeners, are doing all this just for that one moment when you put on a song on and you are blown away. Yes. This is it.

So artists and bands out there, the message from the CMJ panelists is  - keep on writing! keep on writing and writing songs, push your limits, do something u have never done before, learn from other bands you like, think outside the box, be SINCERE and touch people!!! nothing above is valid until you have that song, the music. No viral social marketing campaign will work unless there is a really special song behind it.

Ufff..... So what do you guys think? did you already know all this? was it something new or interesting? please be free to leave comments. We are all doing this and it will be interesting to hear your fellow's feedback :) and may be your advices about music business.

Thank you for your time  - and i am off to writing some tunes!!!!!!!!!

All the best, Ania

PS: in my next post i will tell you about my favorite CMJ artists, those bands that touched my heart...

Monday, October 22, 2012

My CMJ 2012: Part 2

Whad up yall!!

It still feels like i'm in a dream... The impression of CMJ still does not let go. i guess you have to be very interested in how the music world and the music business operates to be so obsessed with CMJ. And that's besides an opportunity to see hundreds of bands in legendary New York City venues.

It was gray and rainy but very warm day of my adventures in New York. The conference's panels were taking place at New York University, at the Kimmel Center. Well, the building is magnificent, and the location is so unique! it  gave me a chance to explore New York and to see it from a different prospective.

The clouds were literally stuck in high buildings :) it was kinda cute. The weather was so warm, it was unbelievable!

The first thing that really impressed me, was the accents! people are literally coming from all over the world for this. Wow. One of the panels i went to, had panelists from Australia, Korea, Brazil, UK, and Israel. It was a panel was called "411 on Important International Markets".

In between the panels there were little bit of mingling going on. I was not sure first how open people will be about meeting each other. And i was relieved when i felt like everybody is nice and very very friendly! Everybody i met was so interesting and unique, and all of them were from different states or even countries.

The building itself and the views around the building were fantastic! I felt on top of the world!

Every panel was so interesting. Usually the room is packed, with people standing and sitting everywhere. They are taking notes on paper, on their iPads, laptops. the discussions were very heated. And the caliber of panelists send shiver down my spine: how about a panel where 5 panelist are A&R execs from Columbia Records, RCA Records, Warner Brothers Record, Epic... and they are giving us tips about what a modern day A&Rs are looking for. HOT HOT HOT!!!!

The music professionals were discussing their first impression of Mumford and Son's songs and why their song got so big. The examples of bands they were using and talking about were FUN, Of Monsters and Men, Lana Del Rey...  And they were so objective and current about everything, giving us the "insider " information!!

My favorite panel was the last one i attended and oh boy, was that the greatest discussion about modern day music business  i have ever been to!! So immensely inspirational.

But friends, i have to tell you about it in my Part # 3 for this little series. I will also tell you about amazing live shows...

All the best, and stay tuned!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My CMJ 2012: PART 1

Hello friends!

Yesterday i had truly life changing experience and one of the best days in my life: I experienced CMJ 2012 in New York City!!!

Yes, here it is, the access to the divine and mysteriously plush world of CMJ 2012 Music Marathon!

CMJ Music Marathon is proud to add one loud layer to the saturated audible environment in New York City. From the rumble of the subway beneath your feet to horns and sirens at street level to the howling wind, pigeons, planes and neighbors above your head, the sounds echoing around the city are as diverse as the people who fill it. CMJ is an opportunity to explore not only the venues hosting CMJ events and experience the music playing within them, but the spaces between them, making a moment to savor New York City for the layered and complex acoustic arena that it is. (From CMJ 2012 Festival Guide)

This is exactly how i feel about my experience at CMJ.

In this series of my post i will tell you guys all about it, and tell you all the exciting and valuable tips i learnt from the top professionals in the industry at the panels and hope to give you a taste of my CMJ music experience!

Stay tuned for PART 2 and PART 3!

All the best, Ania

Monday, October 1, 2012

Ahhh... Recap Of Our Weekend By The Beach


It's been a few days since we came back from Dewey Beach Music Conference!
It was absolutely fantastic!

Lots of new friends and new bands! VIP parties and shows! Ahhh, it was so much fun!

Here are boyz enjoying sunshine in the Ivy lounge.

One of our favorite bands of the conference: The Ragers from Cleveland, OH - they are so cool!

Another new friends and a cool band McAlister Drive. The front man's Chris mustache is just amazing :))))))))

June Divided is a really good band from Philly. We loved their performance and here is their merch table - i liked it very much :)

The sound was great!! All gear for the gears gear was all over the place!

Oh, we had so much fun! I rocked the seal and fur shoes, we got some free Red Bull and other drinks. The show was great and we enjoyed playing it.

Thank you Vikki Walls for organizing such great event! Thank you everybody responsible for all that mad fun we had!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

About Our Journey...


We are going on a journey in our Red Van to magical, mysterious, divine shores of  Dewey Beach, Delaware for Dewey Beach Music Conference!!

I am so excited and not worried, surprisingly... Usually i am freak ball rolling around and freaking out before conferences like this : ) This time is feels like a little vacation!!!

This is our second time that we are a part of it. We are very excited to see all our friends and industry professionals that we know, chat and gossip with them about trends, Facebook EdgeRank and LogicPro  9 <3 !!!

Totally picking out dresses and accessories :) for these amazing VIP parties we are going to attend - with free cocktails :0 and gourmet food... Nom-nom-nom! With amazing views and live entertainment.

And of course, the talent - the bands and artists that we'll have a chance to see... The lineup is amazing. I have been checking out some bands, and they are all really good! It is a pleasure to be a part of the conference. I wanna see how they do it! And - i am bringing my dancing shoes : )

Also, checking out the beast, the powerful September beautiful ocean, and falling asleep (hm, in a nice ocean view hotel room, we are treating ourselves this time:) to the whisper of its waves. Hope for an early morning beach jog (he-he) and may be even catching some waves!!!!

The weather, guys, can not be more perfect!!!!!!!!!!! End of September, and Friday - 75 degrees F, sunny; Saturday - 80F, feels like 82F!!!! and sunny.... Ahhhhhhh

So, time to pack: a bathing suit - check, 7 pairs of shoes - check, surfboard- check,  Fender Rhodes (that boasts its new sea foam green coat...) - check, the band (Dan and Scottie) - check. Am I forgetting anything?

Stay tuned to our live updated from the scene: instagram (our name is glenlanding),,  - Ania's twitter,

All the best, going to practice our songs :)